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Duke Kahanamoku Legacy of AlohaE Komo Mai________
We the Kahanamoku Family, wish to share, inspire, and enlighten peoples from all corners of the world, with not just the achievements of Duke but the legacy that spawned the entire Kahanamoku family and has been perpetuated through the generations since. A spirit of excellence & humanity the entire family brought forth, continues to show through in not only their achievements, but the kumu passed on to those spirits they touched as well.

Welcome to our story!

Spawned from Duke H Kahanamoku, the first family of surfing has been a major influence in bringing to the world the spirit and ideal of a culture of Ocean living. The history, tradition, events, tales, photos, activities, craft & art from the first family of surfing have been a contributing part to set in motion this culture, that was nurtured from meager beginnings, if not near extinction. And as part of our humble beginnings we recognize & embrace the surfing family that today is now an ocean culture that is found world wide. Taught to us by our parents, siblings, uncles & aunts, grandparents, and yes even our great grandparents & the generations beyond.

Our Kokua has been a Legacy that's shared & continues to do so in effort & spirit. You may know it simply as Aloha.Aloha, is a word who's meaning & understanding is much bigger than the word itself appears & may take one, time to fully understand.

Some of our current endeavors can be found & explored on this site. We will always be adding to this as we discover more of what has been & what is possible. People of all levels will find value in the spirit of the craft of our work & activities, whether it be serious waterman, novice, of a collector of unique culture.

Our products are built with the pride & quality that represents the family that the name Kahanamoku comes from. We are the Kahanamoku family, and so long as it is our heritage & legacy, we will perpetuate this spirit that was handed down from those before us. This is something we wish to share with all peoples of the world. This legacy that we have grown up with, can not be taken away, this is our past, that is our history, it is who we are.

Duke of Curl

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